Since helping people at every possible level is my lives sole purpose and that in doing so brings such tremendous joy into my life, I have created a way to make it very easy for people to help those in need. By localizing someone's needs, we can, as a community, reach out and help that person with his/her difficulty. By being able to say "I'm a single mom and I am struggling to feed my 3 year old son" an entire community is able to hear about this need and through people's good will and knowledge of the problem they will be able to help feed her son. This is what we call posting a "NEED". There are many different categories of needs that pretty much cover everything from clothing to a person that needs a kidney match.

        The second type of posting is called an "OFFERING". An example of an offering is "I have a bag of infant clothing that we no longer need". This is NOT a site to ask for or lend money! It is only on people's good will alone that this concept will grow. I believe strongly that there are enough good people in the world that want to help their fellow man with either their services or donated goods. Remember- "One man's junk is another man's treasure".


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